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28 July 2010 @ 09:35 pm
Bulk translations  
I got a little too excited now that summer school is over, so I translated a couple of things. I'm going to try and translate one  more tonight. I'll post it up if I get it done in time.

Tetsuji-san’s Gakkyou 9 Interview

+ ‘relentless fighting spirit’
+ Tetsuji-san’s image
+ Tetsuji-san’s adversity in high school
For full translation, go here.

Entry 030609

+ Weigh problem
+ Katagiri
+ Hagetaka
Note: this is one of the most confusing translations that I’ve done, thus far. There were a lot of words/phrases that he used that I didn’t understand. If you know what they mean please let me know and I’ll edit/update the translation.
For full translation, go here.

Entry 100409

+ cherry blossoms
+ dogs
+ middle-age?
For full translation, go here.